Filimon Benefits Group, Inc. offers a wide variety of employee benefit and financial products as well as services that we feel will benefit our customers.  At FBG we pride ourselves on exceptional, value added customer service by acting as your outsourced Human Resources Department, taking the day-to-day management of employee benefits process out of your hands and into our office regardless of the size of your company.  Using the latest tools products and services, we will discuss with you the most up to date insurance concepts that would best fit your organization.

In regard to us acting as your outsourced Human Resource Department, we will handle as much or as little you desire.  We will meet whenever and, as often you or your employees deem that necessary.  In our meetings with the employees, we will explain the coverage options available, and answer any questions that relate to your benefits.  We will resolve any service or billing issues. We will provide quarterly reports to you as to how often we have been contacted by your employees or staff and amount of time it took to bring the concern to resolution. We will also supply the company with a semi-annual evaluation form so that you may judge our ability to perform as promised.

Your employees will be given our telephone number and will be encouraged to contact us with any questions regarding their coverage.  We will also help design a packet that each new employee will receive.  This packet will contain all the necessary forms, books, application, and explanation of coverage alternatives.  This will help to greatly enhance the ease of adding new employees to your Group coverage.

Filimon Benefits Group will also review your companies and individual entire portfolio of investments and insurance and make the appropriate recommendations to help you achieve your retirement goals.  Please refer to the various tools within this web site that will help you become familiar with terminology and the process by which to help your achieve your retirement goals. 

All of the above will enable your staff to spend more time on helping your corporation to become more profitable and completing meaningful corporate projects in a more timely manner.

We look forward to the opportunity of you becoming a client so that we may demonstrate the value added services that you will experience when using Filimon Benefits Group.  Our goal is to identify the needs of our clients.  Once we have identified those needs it is our mission to constantly provide the highest level of services.